7:30 AM Thursday, October 15, 2020 (PDT) Time in Buellton, CA

Key of Resolution : Measures Against Decay


I pray that I may have a sense of the eternal value of the work I do. I pray that I may not only work for now, but also for eternity.

  Today I will be working in the office with Seth, maybe going to the beach and getting out of here for a while. Yesterday I was in the office with Seth and it went pretty well. Lisa's new job seems to be going well and my late night eating habit could use some attention. The most memorable thing about yesterday was Seth cooking me a steak on the back patio, and I've been thinking allot about ... work, still.

Something I could do for Lisa is help her get Seth transferred to Santa Ynes High School.
Something nice Seth would appreciate is fixing up his room.
Something Jeanne would appreciate is a lunch or dinner together.
and something Rachael would like is just some time together.

I am drowsy. I hear the traffic on highway 246. I see the soft white glow of my monitors. I am looking forward to today. I pretend to be healthy. I feel un healthy sometimes. I touch the warm dense vape. I worry that I smoke too much. I am likely not going to quit today. I understand things take time. I dream of being thin. I try to get out of the house. I am doing alight. I am grateful for where I live and the incredible surrounding areas.
I am grateful for the food and for the joy of living.
I am grateful for the health I have today.

15. Brain Dump!
I can do just about whatever I want. Its a good time to make changes to my habits and define new routines. I want to learn Jooma's custom fields, and maybe try out Foundations Semantic frontend CSS. I am desperate for money but I don't feel desperate, Im concerned that Im being lazy or free loading but I don't believe that's what Im really doing "thy grace is my sufficiency" and its scary sometimes. Right now I am really trying my touch typing and I think its coming along. Perhaps I know more than I am letting myself believe. I can do this. Lets get some proposals out, they don't have to be perfect but its been proven that when I get them out, they work. So, lets work it.
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