7:33 AM Friday, November 13, 2020 (PST) Time in Buellton, CA

The Infinity of Being - The Grace Of External Brilliance


I pray that I may go to God today for those things, which I need to help me live. I pray that I may find real peace of mind.

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I am so pleased its friday. Not really looking forward to work, but happy the week has come to an end. I hear Seth getting up, yelling at Google. I see overcast conditions outside. I am warm. The heater was left on all night. I pretend not to notice little things that feel very personal. I feel pretty good. I touch the warm, worn keys. I worry that 417 wont pay me this month. I am anxious to get back outdoors. I understand things take time, and dont happen on my time. I dream of camping for a week! I try to stay focused on the day ahead of me. I am a bit tired already methinks.

Today I will be At home, in the office mostly. Seth is about to get up and be doing school by my side. I may go help Owen and Beverly and may take Seth with me this afternoon. Also, dinner with mom and book reading tonight! Should be a good day and the weather this weekend should be perfect for getting out doors and into the countryside! Yesterday I was Mostly at home, I guess I really only left once in the evening to go over to moms place and visit with her. She gave me some potted plants and a 1/2 wine barrel. Looking forward to some gardening in those perhaps. life, generally is going well and my sleep and attitude, as well as eating cookies at night could use some attention. The most memorable thing about yesterday was visiting with Jeanne. Its nice to go over there, and just visit. I love her cat Piper too. I've been thinking allot about getting out into the Los Padres National Forest this weekend and how and where to do that.

Something I could do for Lisa is give her space, let her do her thing.
Something nice Seth would appreciate is some time this weekend to do what he wants to do.
Something Jeanne would appreciate is reading the book this evening.
and something Rachael would like is lunch perhaps.

I am grateful for the food and the joy of living.
I am grateful for the coffee and the abundant provisions.
I am grateful for this home in this area and all it has to offer.

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