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Key of Resolution : Sympathy With The Spirit


I pray that I may see the working out of God's will in my life. I pray that I may be content with whatever He wills for me.

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Today I will be meeting with Rachael, and working from home. Seth will join me when she leaves and it should be a nice little Tuesday. Im not sure what we will be doing this afternoon, maybe go out to the ranch, take some boxes to storage and bring back some firewood. . Yesterday I was working in the office with Seth. It really was a great day, in the afternoon we ran errands, some lite shopping, cleaned up the cat litter, and cleaned up the guest room. . Family routines and everyone's attitude, especially Seth's school performance . is going well and My health, as in vaping and eating and exercising could use some attention. The most memorable thing about yesterday was just having a good average but really nice day with Seth at the house while Lisa was at work. We made tea, it was a challenge but we did it and I really enjoyed it. . I've been thinking allot about Lisa house, and getting it rented before we have to pay rent. .

Something I could do for Lisa is to take her out to that dinner, now that I have a bit more than the gift certificate. Might be nice during these hard times (which are awesome) to sit down together to a nice meal. .
Something nice Seth would appreciate is some time dedicated to whatever HE wants to do. .
Something Jeanne would appreciate is some time together, just the two of us. .
and something Rachael would like is a family game night. .

I am simple today, and it feels good. . I hear Seth's fan running and the gentle murmurings of the house around me. . I see the overcast conditions outside the office window, and the sense of the fog beginning to lift for the day. . I am almost ready for tea time. . I pretend to work hard, and I pretend to work smarter rather than harder. . I feel good about things today. . I touch my family, not physically or in a weird way but also, my family touches me whit how they are and what they do. . I worry that things will fall apart, but, what if everything works out!? . I am pleased. So very simply pleased. . I understand that I dont always understand, and I understand that that's just right. . I dream of being at my very full potential, pure, clean, healthy and centered in spirituality. . I try to be the person my cat thinks I am. . I am ready to get to work, maybe tea first. .

I am grateful for this mornings wet meditation. .
I am grateful for Seth. His demeanor and calm pleasant presence. .
I am grateful for the joy of living the life I am living in this moment. .

20. Reflect on a quote.

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers"

I like this quote, I understand the sentiment behind it, even now as I type this I can feel my thoughts welling up from within and heading down my arms and out through my fingers. There is a sweet spot in typing where I am able to just listen to my inner dialogue and my fingers reflect it without much notice. Thinking through my fingers, I like this.

Did I work toward my goals yesterday?
Yes, I think the goal yesterday was to be productive in both family and work, and though I dident get much work done, I do feel I was on track and moving forward in a productive manner.

What bad habits do I need to stop?
vaping, eating unhealthy, and getting to bed earlier.

What motivated me yesterday?
routine I suppose, and it worked.

Have I been the kind of person I want to be?
Not completely, I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday when my vape stopped working and I began to fiend for nicotine. resolving bad hobbits would help with that.

What mistakes did I make yesterday, and what can I learn from them?
Well, I was just eluding to that. I made the mistake of reacting to my vape not working instead of slowing down, handling it properly and then moving on appropriately. "Simple acceptance of God's will in whatever happens is the key to abundant living." - I read that in this mornings meditation and it really struck me, that I believe was part of my mistake yesterday.

Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?
Im sure I am. My bad habits mostly.

What matters most in my life?
inner freedom and a deep spiritual manner of living.

Have I done anything lately worth remembering?
Moments yesterday, although perhaps not incredibly memorable, the overall attitude both good and bad, the sence of living Seth and I had yesterday was indeed, I believe, memorable.

Did I made someone smile yesterday?
Bet. I made Seth smile yesterday. I don't remember exactly when, but I bet I did.

When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?
Two things perhaps. Having Seth so close to me during the day is pushing my comfort zone and I believe its good for both of us and asking Rachael for help this morning, inviting her over and sitting down with her to talk about possible directions and clients.

What do I need to change about myself?
Slow down Richard. Slow down further and further, you will get more done and it will be better work. Slow down mentally.

What do I want most in life?
Inner peace.

What is life calling of me?
Creative projects. Sewing, spirit boxes, creation. Applications like this. More and more, and I want to do them all.

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