9:12 AM Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (PDT) Time in Bermuda Dunes, CA

The Breath of the Creative : The Wanderers Gain


I pray that I may lay myself open today to the healing touch of God. I pray that I may not falter or faint by the wayside, but renew my courage through prayer.

  Today I will be trying to load the entire truck so we can leave tomorrow. Yesterday I was packing but didn't load much in the truck, woke up late and was kind of lazy. I will have to face the idea that we may not leave tomorrow and yesterday I faced being patient and tolerant of packing and trying to make the best of it. Lisa is a total rock today and is going well and my attitude could use some attention. The most memorable thing about yester day was us all playing "Among Us" with James, he's so lit up about it!

I am getting closer to something, and further from something else but I cant quite put my finger on what. I hear Bob Marley playing throughout the house. I see code. Code everywhere. I am sore in more ways than one. I pretend that I smell ok. I feel optimistic and near the end of my wits. I touch serenity in moments. I worry about money mostly. I am ok. I understand that I don't always understand. I dream some crazy stuff sometimes, I think maybe I don't remember it on purpose. I try to do what's in front of me well. I am a little tolerant.

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