9:51 AM Saturday, October 17, 2020 (PDT) Time in Buellton, CA

Key of Resolution : Divinity In Reverence


I pray that I may keep my eyes trained above the horizon of myself; I pray that I may see infinite possibilities for spiritual growth.

  Today I will be doing whatever I want because its SATURDAY!! Yesterday I was in the office with Seth (his grades are improving because of this) and then we all went to the beach. Living in Buellton is going well and the manner in which I eat at night could use some attention. The most memorable thing about yesterday was being at the beach with Lisa and Seth, we went to tehegius and spent at least 4 hours there, until sunset. We explored the tide pools and spent so much time in the ocean that I developed sea legs. I've been thinking allot about trying to relax in the midst of my financial situation.

Something I could do for Lisa is to just listen more.
Something nice Seth would appreciate is letting him know that Im not going to mount a TV in his room untill his grades improve.
Something Jeanne would appreciate is some time.
and something Rachael would like is some time.

I am rested. I hear the cats in the kitchen and the birds outside. I see the site I am using and how my work has progressed. I am thankfully quiet and almost alone for awhile with my coffee. I pretend self care is unimportant to me. I feel good and a little sunburned, well, not sunburned but sun affected. I touch the small plastic keys without looking at them. I worry that Im wasting time. I am still in my life. I understand I can go long distances without being very motivated. I dream with a soundtrack, pretty sure I woke up in the middle of the night with a song in my head. I try to remember it..... I am unable to. I am grateful for the time spent on the beach as a family.
I am grateful for this home we get to borrow.
I am grateful for the life and god that leads me today.

17. “What is the opportunity the universe is giving me by presenting me with this situation?”
There are so many. Being here in this new home, this new community, and this fresh start presents me with a lot of opportunities. So many perhaps that its a little overwhelming. My habits and the manner in which I live in the detail moments of my life come to mind the most, for example: my diet, my program, exercise and things of that nature. Its also an opportunity for work, which perhaps I am avoiding. I tell myself that I don't know where to start, but I know I could start anywhere. Just start and go with it. The biggest opportunity that may very well go in line with work, is my family. I have the opportunity to be closer to them and more intimate in their lives and in turn, get to know more people, and thusly increase my opportunities. Its a good question.
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